• The first and only physical investment gold recovered exclusively from electronic and industrial waste.

  • Our mission: to pioneer investment gold’s inclusion in the circular economy, upgrading it from a store of value to a store of values.

In terms of environmental impact, the recovery of gold from waste streams compares extremely favourably with traditional mining.

To obtain 1 kg of gold, mining requires the processing of 200 tons of “ore" (raw material). Recycling requires the processing of only 4 tons of electronic material to obtain the same weight of pure gold.

Source: World Gold Council

IMPACT GOLD™ has a carbon footprint over 90% lower than conventional gold.

It is estimated that the production of 1 kg of IMPACT GOLD™ requires only 1'000 kg of CO2 compared to 12'500 kg emitted into the atmosphere by using traditional mining processes. 

Source: rfu rating for Impact Gold™

The incorporation of circular economy principles into investment strategies supports sustainable growth. Over recent years, investors have increasingly looked to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into their investment process.

This shift has important implications for conventional gold, which does not qualify as a ‘sustainable’ investment and may not be included in ESG/ SRI mandates.

IMPACT GOLD™ is instead eligible as a ‘sustainable’ investment because it is:

sourced from electronic and industrial waste
from electronic and industrial waste

Gold refining through recycling of complex waste streams, such as consumer and industrial recyclable products (e.g. electronic scrap) also leads to increased recovery of other precious and non-precious metals useful for re-entry into the industrial cycle.

The increase in demand for investment gold obtained from recycling of electronic waste leads to an increase in the recovery of other metals. Precious metals recovered in addition to gold (silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium), as well as minor metals (indium, selenium, tellurium, antimony, tin, bismuth) and base metals (lead, copper, nickel), are reintroduced into the circular economy, extend their useful life and avoid waste and pollution.

Metals recovered in addition to gold through the recycling process
Metals recovered in addition to gold through the recycling process

Investment properties intact,
revolutionary new and positive impact.

67% of the world’s population owns a mobile phone.

In Europe, about 600 Mio people own a mobile phone.

In Europe, every year ~250m of phones are replaced.

In Europe, ~88% of phones are not recycled and end up in landfills.

Source: “GSMA Intelligence”

Recycling mobile phones ensures that valuable materials such as gold, copper and cobalt reenter the global economy and that other materials such as plastics and batteries are properly recycled and do not harm the environment.

Gold recovered from mobile phones and other electronic and industrial waste may be minted into gold bars and coins: an investment which drives the circular economy.

creates an additional incentive to recover gold
reinforcing the trend towards a more circular economy and a brighter, more sustainable future.

QORE is a precious metals specialist

with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience of the physical gold sector across the whole value chain, from the extraction of the gold to the distribution and storage of the finished product.

QORE is registered with the Swiss Central Office for Precious Metals Control, a Swiss Federal institution. As such it holds a Swiss-registered precious metals hallmark, which guarantees the quality of the gold coins, medals and bars it produces.

Project Leaders


Deep knowledge and understanding of the financial services industry, having worked in capital markets and asset management since the early 80’s, before turning his entrepreneurial skills to the precious metals industry in the past 15 years.


Formerly strategic management consultant at Bain and Co. Master of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College London.  Master of Science in Technology and Policy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

QORE's Sustainability credentials

The sustainability credentials of PHI Funds IMPACT GOLD™ are confirmed by the positive sustainability rating awarded by rfu in Vienna, the first sustainability research agency to develop a framework for analysing and evaluating the sustainability level of precious and industrial metals.

Forged in close collaboration with refineries.

IMPACT GOLD™ is an Alternative Investment Fund within the Liechtenstein-registered PHI Funds umbrella structure and  has been authorized by the FMA (Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein).

Compliance is ensured by third party audits, specific ISO requirements, LBMA Good Delivery and LBMA Responsible Gold Programme approval.

IMPACT GOLD™'s Sustainability credentials

Inclusion in IMPACT GOLD is subject to strict requirements grouped under four main criteria: traceability, environment, social and governance.


The whole supply chain must be audited by third parties.


Recycling must be certified to adhere to recognised international environmental standards.


Sharp focus on human rights and health & safety standards along the whole supply chain.


Strict governance requirements along the whole supply chain.


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